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Wholesale clothing for girls

We offer wholesale children's clothing and wholesale of girls' clothing.

As a cheap wholesaler of children's clothing, we also provide complete sets of products that can be used to supply your own store. Wholesale children's clothes are available at very attractive prices. Cheap children's clothing wholesale is an offer addressed not only to people who run their own business, but also to individuals

Girls' clothing wholesale

The Toontoy Kid's brand was founded in 1998 in Istanbul, and since then it has been dynamically developing, gaining popularity also on the international arena. We are a manufacturer of stylish clothes for children. Comfort always goes hand in hand with the latest trends, because we know what childhood should look like!

Wholesale children's clothing

If you are looking for a company dealing in wholesale of children's clothes in Poland, Toontoy Kid's is an excellent choice. High quality, affordable prices, a full range of sizes in each of our collections ensure the highest standard on the market. If you are interested in wholesale prices of clothes, please contact us.

Girls' two-piece cotton set with a decorative lace heart Girls' two-piece cotton set with a decorative lace heart
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A beautiful girls' set made with the greatest care.Sweatshirt with a classic cut, finished with cuffs.The front of the sweatshirt is decorated with an interesting application with lace accessories.Available sizes: 2/3-3/4-4/5/5/6-7/8Material composition: 80% cotton, 20% elastane..
The most fashionable girls' 3-piece set.Long-sleeved sweatshirt, slightly shorter at the front.The finishing touch is a sleeveless top with a decorative inscription.An airy skirt made of slightly luminous material.Skirt with elastic band, easily adapting to the shape of the child's body. Convenient ..
Cotton sweatsuit set for girls with a bow Cotton sweatsuit set for girls with a bow
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A beautiful cotton set with a large decorative bow on the front of the sweatshirt.The sweatshirt is pulled over the head and finished with cuffs.Classic cut sweatpants with delicate stitching along the leg.Packed in 5 piecesAvailable sizes: 3/4-4/5-5/6-7/8-9/10Material composition:80% Cotton, 20% El..
Girls' two-piece set, bubble sweater and skirt Girls' two-piece set, bubble sweater and skirt
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A beautiful set for girls.The set includes a thin, delicate sweater.On the shoulders along the sleeve decorated with delicate fluffy bubbles.Giving the whole thing a girlish charm.The skirt in each set is black and decorated with gold buttons.Available sizes: 3/4-4/5-5/6-7/8-9/10Material composition..
The most fashionable girls' set. Made with the greatest care.beautiful girl's shirt with a fancy tie at the front. Made of thin cotton.Shirt fastened with buttons, sleeves finished with elastic. Giving the shape of a light puff.Front decorated with a ruffle. Bell-bottom trousers with a slight slit a..
Girls' three-piece set Girls' three-piece set
New Hot
A fantastic girls' set consisting of three parts.Bomber sweatshirt fastened with snaps.A thin, long-sleeved blouse in white.Pencil-cut skirt finished with wide elastic.Available sizes: 3/4-4/5-5/6-7/8-9/10Material composition: 80% cotton, 20% elastane..
Three-piece tracksuit set with a skirt Three-piece tracksuit set with a skirt
New Hot
A beautiful tracksuit set, made with the utmost care.Perfect for everyday use.Bomber sweatshirt fastened with snaps and finished with cuffs.The set includes a long-sleeved shirt in white. waist.The whole set is combined with a sweatshirt skirt with an elastic waistband.Sizes available: 3/4-4/5-6/7-7..
Girls' two-piece insulated set Girls' two-piece insulated set
New Hot
Girls' set made of thick cotton.A hoodie that pulls on over the head.Regular cut trousers with ribbed trim.Available size 3/4-4/5-5/6-7/8-9/10Material composition 80% Cotton, 20% elastane..
The most fashionable girls' set The most fashionable girls' set
New Hot
The most fashionable three-piece girls' set.Bomber sweatshirt fastened with snaps, sleeves finished with cuffs, just like the bottom of the sweatshirt.Long sleeve shirt made of thin cotton.Classic-cut sweatpants, adjustable at the waist.Material composition: 80% Cotton, 20% LycraAvailable sizes: 3/4..
Girls' two-piece Awesome set Girls' two-piece Awesome set
New Hot
Girls' two-piece set. Pull-on sweatshirt finished with cuffs.Classic cut sweatpants with adjustable waist.Available sizes: 3/4-4/5-5/6-7/8-9/10Composition Materials 80% Cotton, 20% Elastane..
Girls' two-piece Future set Girls' two-piece Future set
New Hot
Beautiful two-piece girls' set.Elasticated sweatpants, comfortable and flexible in use.Sweatshirt pulled over the head.The product is made of the highest quality materials: 80% Cotton, 20% ElastaneAvailable sizes: 3/4-4/5-6/7-7/8-9/10..
A beautiful girls' set inspired by the latest trends.Consisting of comfortable sweatpants and a partially zipped sweatshirt.High-quality product, material composition: 80% Cotton, 20% elastaneAvailable sizes 3/4-4/5-5/6-7/8-9/10..
A girl's set with butterflies. A girl's set with butterflies.
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The most fashionable girls' set consisting of a shirt with a butterfly motif, a skirt cut from a circle.The whole is complemented by a beautiful headband.Sizes available: 2 / 3-3 / 4-4 / 5-5 / 6-7 / 8-8 / 9-9 / 10-11 / 10Material composition 100% cotton..
Girls' sweatshirt Girls' sweatshirt
New Hot
Classic pattern of girls' sweatshirt zipped with a zipper with a hood.Made of high quality materials 30% polyester, 70% cottonSizes available: 128-140-152-164-176..
Girls' bomber sweatshirt. Finished with a welt with two white stripes.Full zipper.Sizes available: 3 / 4-4 / 5-5 / 6-6 / 7-7 / 8-9 / 10-11 / 12-12 / 13Material composition: 93% cotton, 7% elastane..
Brand: Toontoykids
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Girls' pants: elegant, "cigarillos" with a belt and adjustable waist dimensions in the package: 110-116-122-128 composition: 65% cotton, 35% polyester, 5% lycra..
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